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Reverse Years Of Stains & Yellowing

Get A Brighter Smile With Teeth Whitening

If you’re self-conscious or embarrassed by your smile in Forest Lake due to teeth staining or yellowing, Forest Lake dentist Dr. Jonathan Siverson is here to help. With our professional take-home whitening kits, you can restore your smile in just a few weeks from the comfort of your own home. Learn more below, or contact Forest Lake Smiles now by calling (651) 464-8207.

Forest Lake teeth whitening

What’s A Better Option For Me?

Custom Whitening Trays Vs. Store Bought

At our office, we offer professional take-home whitening using custom-built teeth whitening trays. Dr. Siverson will take impressions of your smile, and use them to create a set of reusable whitening trays, which will fit your teeth perfectly.

Choosing professional take-home whitening has a number of benefits compared to using a store-bought, over-the-counter (OTC) whitening kit. First, professional whitening is customized for your level of staining and desired level of whiteness, while OTC kits are “one-size-fits-all.”

Professional custom whitening trays also offer better overall results. Every one of your teeth will be whitened evenly, unlike with an OTC kit. Most OTC kits only treat the front teeth, and do not remove stains from the rear teeth.

There is also a lower risk of complications with custom whitening trays. When designing your treatment plan, Dr. Siverson will ensure you use the proper amount of whitening product, and you will not have to worry about damage to your teeth and gums.

This is not always true of OTC products. Overusing store-bought whitening trays while trying to whiten your own teeth could irritate your gums, cause serious tooth sensitivity, or even damage your teeth in some cases.

For all of these reasons and quite a few more, custom whitening trays from Forest Lake Smiles are always a better option than store-bought, over-the-counter kits.

teeth whitening in Forest Lake

Why Choose Teeth Whitening?

Understanding The Benefits

The biggest benefit of teeth whitening is enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem. With teeth whitening, you can feel great about your smile again. If you have stained or yellowed teeth, you may feel embarrassed or self-conscious when smiling or laughing around others. But teeth whitening lets you restore your smile, and feel great about how you look once again.

Not only that, but teeth whitening can also make you look younger. Stains and yellowing of your teeth make you look older than you really are, so reversing them can provide you with a more youthful appearance.

Teeth whitening is also a very fast and affordable cosmetic dentistry treatment. With our take-home whitening kits, you can restore your smile in just a few weeks of daily treatments. The process is also totally non-invasive, so it’s a great option even if you have dental anxiety.

Keeping Your Smile Bright

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

For most patients, teeth whitening will last anywhere from 1-3 years. Your results mostly depend on how well you care for your teeth after having them whitened.

You should make sure you brush and floss properly, and see Dr. Jonathan Siverson at Forest Lake Smiles for six-month cleanings to remove plaque and tartar. Using whitening toothpaste and mouthwash can also help prolong your results.

It may also be a good idea to reduce your intake of staining beverages, including coffee, wine, tea, and cola. You can also begin drinking these beverages with a straw. This will prevent the liquid from contacting your teeth, which help prevent stains.

In addition, you should quit smoking or using other oral tobacco products, if applicable. Tobacco will ruin your smile and is extremely bad for your oral health. Now is the perfect time to quit, and ensure your smile lasts for years to come.

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