Skip the Makeup Before Going to the Dentist - Here's Why!

The dentist is the place many people would like to avoid going to, but so necessary if we want to enjoy a healthy set of teeth, as well as a beautiful smile.

Nowadays, there are a lot of methods dentists use to make sure your experience is as painless and relaxed as possible. Modern medicine has many techniques that will give excellent results without having to go through very difficult treatments.

When you think of going to the dentist in Forest Lake, you might not have in your mind any preparations, just your dental issue, and your courage. But some surprising aspects will make the difference if you take them into account before stepping into your dentist’s practice. 

And one of those things is whether to wear makeup before going to the dentist.

Can I Wear Makeup Before My Dental Appointment?

This question might not seem that relevant but going to the dentist with full makeup on might be a bit of a mess. 

When you are on the dentist's chair, the procedures they will have to do on you involve tools, hands, water, spitting, and keeping your mouth open during the time the intervention lasts. 

Wearing foundation, lipstick, and face powder will only make it messier and uncomfortable, and you will have to do extra work to redo your makeup after the dentist is done with their job. 

It is not necessarily about the fact that you should not wear makeup before your next dentist appointment; it is about keeping the area as clean as possible during the procedures. 

And while foundation and lipstick can be messy, wearing mascara and blush might not cause any inconvenience if you would like to feel fresh on your way to your dentist. 

Keep in mind you can always freshen up after the dentist finishes their job, and you can have fresh makeup afterward without having to deal with the one that gets messed up.

Not to mention, wearing makeup can also be uncomfortable for your dentist to work properly or having any of the makeup running down your face or particles in your mouth while you are under dental surgery. 

Let Us Help Get a Beautiful and Bright Smile 

If you are looking for a dental practice where you can feel at home, then we are eager to meet you at Forest Lake Smiles. 

We strive to give everyone who comes into our office the best dental care possible and have you walk through the door with a beautiful and healthy smile. 

So, don't hesitate to join the Forest Lake Smiles family, as you will be joining a strong and thriving community. 

You can contact us at the following link and schedule an appointment with Dr. Jonathan Siverson for any question or dental treatment you need. We are excited to help you and meet you! 

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