Should I Go To The ER For A Dental Emergency?

In most cases, the answer is “no.” This is because emergency rooms typically do not have dentists on staff, so they cannot provide you with the care you need right away. Even if you do get care, the cost of ER treatment is significantly higher compared to seeing an emergency dentist in Forest Lake. 

In addition, most dental emergencies are not life-threatening. An issue like a toothache or a broken tooth is serious and painful, but as long as you get timely treatment, these dental issues will never put your life at risk.

The exception is if you think your life is seriously at risk due to an oral injury or related issue. For example, if you believe your jaw is broken, or you have extreme facial swelling and inflammation that is impairing your ability to swallow or breathe, you need to get immediate help.

Use your best judgment and prioritize your safety at all times. If you truly believe your life may be at risk, go to the ER. If not, it’s best to contact the team at Forest Lake Smiles for same-day emergency care in Forest Lake. If you’re not sure what to do, remember that you can always give us a call at (651) 464-8207 to get our recommendation. 

What Treatment Will I Receive At The Dental Office? 

This depends on your condition. There are a number of different treatments and procedures that may be necessary to restore your oral health.

  • Oral sutures – If you have cuts and lacerations to your oral tissue, you may require stitches from Dr. Siverson to ensure that your mouth heals properly. Cuts and lacerations are a common result of significant oral trauma from a hard hit playing sports, a slip and fall, and other accidents.

  • Root canal therapy – If your tooth is broken or severely infected, it may need to be treated with root canal therapy to remove the pulp and disinfect the tooth. This helps preserve the tooth structure.

  • Dental crown Dental crowns are used to repair teeth and are often used along with root canal therapy. Crowns are shaped just like natural teeth, and are placed over the existing tooth structure once it’s been trimmed.

  • Replacement dental work – If you’ve lost a filling or a crown, or have other damaged dental work like a cracked veneer or a broken dental bridge Dr. Siverson will repair or replace the dental work as needed to restore your oral health.

  • Tooth splinting – This treatment is used for loose and knocked out (avulsed) teeth. The tooth is replaced in the proper position, and then is splinted to the adjacent healthy teeth to keep it in place and allow it to heal and re-attach. If the tooth is knocked out, this typically must be done within 1-2 hours to save the tooth.

What To Do If You Lose Or Pull-Out Your Dental Work 

If you pull out a filling, crown, or any other type of dental work, this is a serious issue. The underlying tooth structure may be weak and more susceptible to damage and decay, and you may feel pain, sensitivity, or discomfort.

To start with, you should recover your dental work, if possible, and put it in a plastic baggie to bring it with you to your appointment. Then, contact Forest Lake Smiles to tell us about the situation. We’ll schedule an appointment with Dr. Siverson ASAP so that you can get the assistance you need for your emergency.

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