Foods and Drinks to Avoid After Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

If you just received cosmetic dentistry treatment in Forest Lake, such as teeth whitening, veneers, or dental bonding, you probably want to learn what you can do to maintain your shiny and beautiful smile for as long as possible. 

In addition to maintaining strict oral hygiene and seeing your dentist regularly, there are also a few foods and beverages that it's best to avoid if you want to keep your gorgeous smile. 

Here's a quick list to remember. 

Hard Foods

It's best to limit the consumption of hard foods like popcorn, nuts, or almonds as much as possible. Of course, we are not saying to completely give up these foods as some of them are very nutritious and good for your overall health, like nuts and seeds. But, when you are having, avoid biting them with your front teeth. This can increase the risk of chipping or breaking your veneers. Instead, try to bite and chew with your back teeth. 

Sticky Foods and Hard Candies

Sticky foods like gummy bears or taffy are especially bad for your teeth and particularly if you had a cosmetic treatment done. They can get stuck to your teeth and then pull the veneer or dental bonding out of their place if you are not careful enough. 

Hard candies can also damage your teeth if you have the habit of chewing them instead of sucking them. 

Coffee, Tea, and Wine

It may be hard to learn that you should limit the consumption of coffee or red wine, especially if you simply can't start your day without your hot cup of Joe. But, beverages like coffee, tea, or red wine can stain your teeth and affect cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening.

If you simply can't give these up, consider drinking them through a straw as this will reduce the contact of the liquid with your teeth. You should also rinse your mouth with water after consuming them. 

Orange Juice

If you drink orange juice regularly or other acidic fruit juices, you may want to consider this habit. These types of juices have a very high content of sugar and acid which can damage veneers or dental bonding. They are not that good for your natural teeth either so make sure to rinse your mouth after having them and brush your teeth if possible. 

Tomato Sauce, Berries, and Curries 

These foods are acidic and, in the case of berries, quite staining. Again, you don't have to completely give these foods to enjoy a beautiful smile. But, try to rinse and brush your teeth after having them.

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