Do Dental Cleanings Really Help? 5 Reasons Why They Do

While daily brushing and flossing are great preventive dentistry measures, routine dental cleanings come with added advantages. Our Forest Lake dentist at Forest Lake Smiles, recommends our patients schedule a dental cleaning every six months to maintain their oral health. 

Because of our busy schedules, most of us forget or neglect to get regular dental cleanings. Here's why you should book your next appointment now and how dental cleaning can benefit your oral and overall health. 

1. Early Detection 

Regular dental cleanings are essential in helping you identify problems in their early stages. While some oral health issues will show visible signs, such as tooth pain or swollen gums, very often these problems can only be identified by a dentist. 

While performing the cleaning, the dentist will also inspect your mouth for signs of decay or gum disease. They can also ask for further investigation, such as X-Rays if they suspect something is wrong. This way, you can start treating a dental problem in the early stages before it escalates and creates more trouble. 

2. A Brighter Smile 

Teeth get stained over time. While daily brushing and flossing can help remove some of the plaque, these tools aren't as powerful and effective as a professional dental cleaning. 

The dentist will not only remove plaque buildup but also some surface stains, leaving your smile whiter and brighter than before. 

3. Tooth Loss Prevention 

As plaque builds up at the base of your teeth, it can infiltrate your gums, causing them to swallow. If left untreated, gum disease can turn into periodontal disease, a condition that affects not only the gums but the bones that support your teeth too. Over time, if they are lacking proper support, your teeth can become loose and fall. 

With regular dental cleanings, you make sure that plaque won't build up on your teeth and affect your gums. 

4. Keep Your Mouth Healthy and Fresh 

Brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash will help keep bad breath at bay. But, over time, food particles that get stuck in hard-to-reach places will turn into plaque. This plaque is usually responsible for your bad breath. 

A dentist has the right tools to reach every gap in between your teeth and clean all the bacteria that may cause bad breath. 

5. Improved Overall Health 

Did you know that your oral health can affect your overall health too? Different studies have linked poor oral health to heart disease, diabetes, and even Alzheimer's disease. 

By going to regular dental cleaning you ensure that not only your mouth stays healthy, but your entire body too. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Dental Cleanings! 

If you too want to enjoy all the benefits that regular dental cleanings can bring, then all you have to do is book an appointment with one of the dentists at Forest Lake Smiles. 

You can use the online form on our website to get in touch. 

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